Free No Copyright Music by Liborio Conti
I’m Liborio Conti and I have been professionally composing music since 2007.  Until the beginning of 2020, I sold royalty free music; some of it on bigger platforms and I noticed that the majority of people looking for royalty free music were struggling to find high quality, free music so, I started to provide my work for free.

I compose my music personally, from scratch and own all of the rights to it.  My music does not trigger any copyright claims. On YouTube, once you become partnered, you can enable ads and you keep the revenue, 100% of it.

You may use my music within your project(s), even commercially, at no charge. Please attribute/credit my music in this format:
"Trackname" by Liborio Conti (Free No Copyright Music)


A. You cannot claim my music as your own. 

B. You cannot distribute my music as “music” in any store or platform 
Do not distribute or release my music to iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, or any other platform, even if you use my name as the artist's name. The same applies to audiobooks or audio podcasts, because chances are that you will place a copyright on your work and scans do not differentiate between the music and the script within the audio. 

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